Group Testing for COVID-19: What to Expect

Frequent testing for COVID-19 is still one of our best tools for tracking and controlling this global pandemic. COVID-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus and is transmitted through respiratory droplets and aerosols.

In order to ensure that you and others are not infected with COVID-19 before planning a social event, use accurate testing services to check your COVID-19 status. You can trust the team at GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing in Ham Lake, Edina, and Otsego, Minnesota with all your COVID-19 testing needs.

Our locally-owned company offers same-day lab services with results available in minutes. We also provide on-site group testing for COVID-19 through our mobile lab. Here’s what you need to know about how our group COVID-19 testing services can help you and those around you this summer.

Why group testing?

Both businesses and families or friends can benefit from group testing. If you’re planning a long-delayed event or a summer-season get-together, take the time to ensure that your group won’t spread or contract COVID-19. Without precautions, you risk your conference, party, or vacation becoming a super-spreader event.

Getting everyone involved in an upcoming event tested together provides a comprehensive snapshot of infections in the group at the time of testing. You can then use this information to guide your planning and reduce the chances of COVID-19 transmission at your event or gathering.

With group testing, you can congregate with others while knowing that you’ve done what you need to in order to reduce exposure to COVID-19. We recommend group testing for any group, from business conferences to family reunions to in-person businesses like hairdressers or childcare providers.

What to expect from group testing

At GatherWell, you have options for COVID-19 testing including antigen, PCR, and antibody testing. Our group testing service can test as many as 100 people in just an hour. Let us know about your group’s needs, and we can work with you to put together a personalized testing plan for you and others.

Each participant will be tested separately. We collect nasal secretions from both nostrils using a shallow nasal swab. Then we analyze your sample with our mobile lab unit. We ask that everyone participating in group testing wear a mask and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Our point of care analyzer service lets you get your results within as little as 15 minutes. The GatherWell team can help your group interpret your results. No currently available tests are completely 100% accurate in detecting COVID-19 infection. We can guide your group toward the best testing option for your unique situation.

To learn more about setting up a group COVID-19 testing session, get in touch with the helpful providers at GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing now. Contact us over the phone, or go online to schedule your group testing appointment today.

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