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What’s Behind COVID Taste Change?

Woman with ice cream but no COVID taste

What’s Behind COVID Taste Change? When people become sick with COVID-19, one of the common symptoms they may experience is a loss of taste or smell. This can be a frustrating and distressing symptom for many individuals, as it can make it difficult to enjoy food and drink.   Not only is the loss of […]

Are you still contagious after testing negative for covid?

Personal may be contagious after negative COVID test

Are you still contagious after testing negative for COVID-19? Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, various organizations have provided guidance on testing, incubation periods, and quarantine times. As many of us are still cautious about spreading this unpredictable and dangerous disease, understanding the contagiousness of the virus remains crucial in curbing its spread.    […]

Can I Transmit COVID If I Test Negative?

Person has questions about transmitting COVID after a negative test

Can I Transmit COVID If I Test Negative? When an individual tests negative for COVID-19, it means that they do not currently have the virus. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are not contagious. The length of time that an individual is contagious after testing negative for COVID-19 can vary depending on a […]

Think You’ve Never Had COVID? How to Know for Sure

Woman who has had COVID

Think You’ve Never Had COVID? How to Know for Sure A lot of people come to GatherWell because they think they’ve never had COVID but want to be sure. Knowing that you’ve already fought off the virus can give you peace of mind and inform how you go about protecting yourself and others from the […]

How to Get a Same-day Doctor Visit in Minneapolis

Woman is sick at work needs a same-day doctor visit

How to Get a Same-day Doctor’s Visit in Minneapolis Most of us don’t have time to be sick. We’ve got jobs to do, families to care for, and places to visit. So, when you feel the sniffles coming on or feel a bug hit your stomach, you need to get medical care ASAP.   Unfortunately, […]

COVID Testing for Travel in Minneapolis

Minneapolis family traveling safe from COVID

COVID Testing for Travel in Minneapolis The COVID pandemic has changed the rules for international travel. As the virus spread, each country set up its own rules for testing and vaccination. As the virus settled, countries lifted and eased restrictions at their own paces.    International travel can be confusing! Not only do you have […]

Urgent Care testing in Ham Lake

Urgent Care testing in Ham Lake

Urgent Care Testing in Ham Lake If you’re looking for urgent care testing in Ham Lake, you might not be able to find a full urgent care clinic in your area. This city in Minneapolis does not have an urgent care of its own. You’ll need to drive to another city or suburb to find […]

Covid testing with availability

COVID testing with availability

COVID Testing with Availability When people need to get tested for COVID, they usually need to do so quickly. This means you can’t wait a week to get into your primary care provider for a COVID test. So, where do you go when you need COVID testing with availability?   GatherWell is Minneapolis’s go-to center […]

Where can I get a Prescription for a sore throat?

Woman with sore throat needing prescription

Where Can I Get a Prescription for a Sore Throat? Your throat feels like it’s on fire, raw and scratchy. You haven’t slept well in days, and you dread every little cough. Tea isn’t working. Cough drops aren’t pulling their weight.   You need a prescription for a sore throat, and you need one now. […]

Where to find free Covid tests in the Twin Cities

Man finding free COVID test in Twin Cities

Where to Find Free COVID Tests in the Twin Cities At the peak of the COVID pandemic, the government set up many centers around the Twin Cities to administer free COVID tests. Even some private centers opened their doors to administer tests. However, these testing sites are harder and harder to come by.   Many […]