Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my result is positive?


Follow the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines. More information can be found at:


What are the rates of your services?


GatherWell is committed to making this service as affordable as possible. Test cost is subject change with supply and demand challenges. Special event pricing also considers the following details such as size, location, and timeframe. Contact us for availability and pricing.


How long does it take to get test results?


Test results can be available within 15-30 minutes after sample collection, depending on testing volume or the size of the event additional time may be required for result notification. Specific timing expectations will be determined with scheduling and contracting to ensure timely testing and result notification that meets your needs.


Will my personal information and test results be kept confidential?


GatherWell will keep your personal health information confidential and will not share your information without your consent, unless required by state and federal laws. Currently the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is requiring laboratories such as GatherWell to report testing results . For event or employer testing, individuals may be asked to provide consent to release testing results to the host or employer.


I want GatherWell at my event, what should I do?


Please contact us to check availability, get any additional questions answered, and sign an agreement for services. Booking also requires a non-refundable down payment of 50% at the time of booking.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?


Events testing deposits are non-refundable. Individual appointment cancellations are subject to a $50 non-refundable fee. We do understand that life happens and will work with you to reschedule as capacity and supply chain allows.


How much confidence can I have in my test results?


GatherWell tests are highly accurate and reliable. We only use tests that have FDA-emergency use authorization.


Can I pay for testing with my Health Saving Account or healthcare flex payment card?




Do you accept insurance as a form of payment?


No. We are NOT accepting insurance payments. You may want to check with your own personal insurance provider and see if they will reimburse you for out-of-pocket test costs.


If I choose to submit a claim to my personal insurance provider for reimbursement what information will GatherWell provide to me?


We will provide the following commonly required insurance claim information with your test results. This information will include: CLIA ID number, Tax ID,  CPT code, result of your test.

We do not provide the diagnosis code as this will need to be determined by you as you are self referring for testing. Here is a list of the possible diagnosis codes to select from for COVID-19 testing. Choose the code that matches your personal reason for self-referring and your result: 

-Report ICD-10-CM code U07.1 for a claim if a COVID-19 diagnosis is confirmed (e.g. positive result).

-Report ICD-10-CM code Z03.818 for a claim if there is a concern about a possible exposure to COVID-19 and this is ruled out after evaluation (e.g. negative result unsure of exposure to someone infected with COVID-19).

-Report ICD-10-CM code Z20.828 for a claim if there is an actual exposure to someone who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, and the test results for the exposed individual are either unknown or negative (e.g. negative result but had a known exposure to someone with COVID-19).


Why do I have to provide so much demographic information to register for testing?


We are required to share testing information with the Health Department and CDC for their statistical information, and when required by law. HHS developed this guidance in response to the CARES Act, which requires every testing site to report every test it performs to detect SARS-CoV-2 or to diagnose a possible case of COVID-19. State and local public health departments have required laboratories to report COVID-19 testing results since the beginning of the COVID-19 public health emergency; however, the requirements for patient information and other data elements have varied across states. The new HHS guidance aims to increase the reporting of important data elements, to inform COVID-19 control and mitigation efforts.


Do you testing for employers or workplace settings?


Yes. Please call us today to discuss to your needs and special group pricing rates.


Do you do testing for travel?


It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure the type of testing will meet eligibility for travel. See our testing options here. Contact us to reserve testing for your upcoming travel needs.


Do you contract with daycare or child care providers?


Yes. We can create a group rate for daycares, schools, and child care providers. This rate can be shared with your staff and customers. We want to do anything we can to help reduce the burden of missed work and school days while waiting for test results.


Do you take walk-ins?


No, individual testing is done by appointment only.


I am scheduling for more than one person, can we come at the same time?


As long as everyone getting tested has an appointment scheduled, you can arrive together in the same vehicle for one of the scheduled appointment times.


What should I expect when I arrive for testing?


Remain in your vehicle at all time – DO NOT ENTER THE LAB. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time with your legal identification card. Upon arrival, follow the signs and get in the line to be swabbed. The swab is a shallow nasal swab inserted into both nostrils. After the swabbing process, you will be given a sanitized and cleaned identification number and be directed to park in the GatherWell designated parking. Your results will be delivered to your car in as little as 15 minutes.


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