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Covid testing with availability

COVID testing with availability

COVID Testing with Availability

When people need to get tested for COVID, they usually need to do so quickly. This means you can’t wait a week to get into your primary care provider for a COVID test. So, where do you go when you need COVID testing with availability?


GatherWell is Minneapolis’s go-to center for COVID testing. We are open seven days a week and offer same-day testing appointments.


Even better, you can receive your results in under 30 minutes!


Don’t worry about finding COVID testing with availability. Simply sign up for your appointment using our online scheduler, show up to provide a sample, and then get your results in no time. It’s why people choose GatherWell for COVID testing over other locations. 


Why Do You Need to Get Tested for COVID Quickly?

The number one reason why people need to get tested for COVID quickly is that the contagious window is not very long. A person is contagious for about five to 10 days, which means the positive test result will be meaningless if you have to wait a week before getting tested. 


You may also need to get tested for COVID for the following reasons:


  • International travel: Many countries still require a negative COVID test in order to enter their borders. Most results need to be reported within a few days of departure, so you’ll need to find a COVID testing center with availability.

  • Visiting someone who is immunocompromised: If you’re feeling under the weather before visiting someone with an immune condition, you might want to get a COVID test just to rule out the possibility of spreading the disease. If you get the sniffles a day before heading out, you can come to GatherWell for a PCR COVID test.

  • Letting others know they’ve been exposed: Conferences and festivals may be happening again, but they can still be prime locations for COVID spread. Do your part in stopping the spread by letting people know they’ve been exposed ASAP. If you get a sore throat after a large event, get tested and share your results with people you’ve come into contact with.


Why is There No Availability for COVID Testing?

Many COVID testing centers have shut down now that the pandemic has declined from its peak levels. Governments are not giving as much financial support to COVID testing centers. Urgent care clinics can refuse entry to individuals with COVID symptoms. Public spaces like churches, libraries, and schools have also closed down their COVID testing sites.


The burden of COVID testing has fallen to primary care centers that are already dealing with packed schedules and busy doctors. It may take a while for you to get tested at your local doctor’s office. 


However, there are private testing centers like GatherWell that have COVID testing with availability. We don’t depend on government funding for our operations, and we are solely dedicated to medical testing. We have the resources and bandwidth to get you tested today!


Can’t I Use an Over-the-Counter COVID Test?

Over-the-Counter tests are not very reliable. Some sources claim 80% accuracy, but other research puts that number much lower. Most over-the-counter tests are antigen tests. This is different from the PCR tests we use at GatherWell. PCR tests can be 95% accurate, so for peace of mind, we recommend you get a PCR test to avoid false negatives.


We know that people get confused when it comes to all the different kinds of COVID tests. Don’t hesitate to reach out to make sure you receive the test you need. For example, some countries require a specific COVID test for international travel. 


GatherWell Has COVID Testing with Availability

Get your COVID test results fast with GatherWell’s convenient and available COVID testing system. To get you started, we will outline the process here. After a few simple steps, you’ll be set up to know whether or not you have COVID. 


  1. First, head to the top of this webpage and click the “Book an Appointment” button. This will take you to our handy online scheduling tool, where you’ll be able to make all of your selections at once.

  2. On the online scheduler, select your test. If you’re not sure which test to select (we do offer more than COVID testing), please reach out to our team. We can provide guidance related to your specific situation. Once you select your test, you can pick a convenient time before paying for your test.

  3. Show up to your appointment. One of our team members will come out to your car to collect the sample. No need to come inside!

  4. Finally, we will update you with your results. COVID test results are often available within 30 minutes. 


It can be stressful if you need a COVID test quickly but can’t find COVID testing with availability. We hope you’ll visit GatherWell next time you need a test and mention us to friends and family who might also be interested in COVID testing.