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Drive-Through COVID Testing Near Me

Woman gets drive-through COVID test in Minneapolis

Drive-Through COVID Testing Near Me

Where can I find drive-through COVID testing centers that provide fast and accurate results? That’s a question many Minnesotans are asking as the holidays approach. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people have been wary about traveling. Not only do people not want to pick up a case of COVID, but they also don’t want to spread it. 


And despite what one might hear on the news or social media, COVID is still infecting thousands of people each day. The CDC is reporting an average of 200,000 cases per week in the USA. Even though you might experience minimal symptoms, another person who catches COVID from you might not be so lucky.


Before you travel for the holidays, GatherWell recommends you get tested. Here are three reasons to use GatherWell’s drive-through COVID testing services in the coming months.

1. Keep Loved Ones Safe

Most of us will come into contact with elderly and immuno-compromised family members over Thanksgiving and Christmas. These individuals might have a difficult time fighting off the COVID virus if they are exposed. They may even have to be hospitalized for severe respiratory symptoms. This is why we recommend you get a drive-through COVID test before you travel – to keep your loved ones safe!

2. Travel for International Vacations

Escape the cold, snow, and stress with a trip to South America, Australia, or Portugal. Wherever you go, you’ll need to check the destination country’s travel guidelines. Each country will have different requirements, so be sure to do your research and speak with an official representative over the phone or through an online website. Most countries will require a negative COVID test, usually a PCR test.

Here is the COVID travel website from the US Department of State. 

When you use GatherWell’s drive-through COVID testing services, you’ll receive test results within 24 hours, along with easily accessible digital records to prove your negative results. That way you can travel stress-free with GatherWell’s COVID testing services. 

3. Spend Time Doing What Matters Most

GatherWell’s mission is to help you get back to doing what matters most in life. That’s why we make convenience and efficiency cornerstones of all we do. The holidays are a busy time of year; you can’t sit at home waiting days for test results. Instead, you deserve to know what’s going on with your health ASAP. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Drive-Through COVID Testing Near Me

  • Can’t I just go to my local urgent care for a COVID test?

Many urgent cares are no longer treating patients with COVID. In addition, many urgent care centers are crawling with viruses and diseases, and you could end up catching something worse. Many physicians’ offices are overbooked, so you might not be able to get in for a test.


  • Are Drive-Through COVID Tests Effective and Accurate?

Yes, they are effective and accurate. They’re no different from a test you’d take in a doctor’s office. When you arrive for your drive-through COVID test, one of our trained staff will come out to your car, take the sample, and process the sample according to proper protocol.


  • How do you ensure that results arrive quickly?

We have on-site lab testing that allows us to receive quick results. Other testing sites may send their drive-through COVID samples out to off-site labs, which drastically increases the turnaround time for results. 


  • What kind of COVID test do I need?

There are many different types of COVID tests available. GatherWell offers COVID-19 Rapid Antigen, COVID-19 NAAT, COVID-19 RT-PCR, COVID-19 + Flu A & B Antigen, COVID-19 + Flu A&B + RSV (RT-PCR), and COVID-19 Antibody – Immune Response. We know these options can seem overwhelming at first, so call our office so that one of our health professionals can direct you to the best option for your situation.


  • Where are your drive-through COVID testing locations?

GatherWell is a Minnesota company with locations that can be found around the Minneapolis area. We currently have four drive-through locations: Ham Lake, Edina, Elk River, and North Branch. Our locations are convenient and easy to get to!


GatherWell’s online scheduling process cuts the red tape and gets you the COVID tests you need in a matter of hours. In fact, most of our locations have same-day availability, which you can check online. To schedule a drive-through COVID test near you, click the “Book an Appointment” button at the top of our website. You’ll be able to select the type of COVID test you need, identify your location, and make a payment all through the portal.


We want everyone in Minneapolis to have a safe holiday season. If you are going to visit people from separate households, we recommend getting a drive-through COVID test. Indoor spaces and incidental contact while traveling can quickly lead to the spread of disease.


Click here to book your drive-through COVID test.