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5 GatherWell Services You Need to Check Out Today

Kid getting allergy test from GatherWell’s services

5 GatherWell Services You Need to Check Out Today

Since 2020, GatherWell has been Minnesota’s go-to location for rapid and accurate COVID testing. With on-site labs and convenient drive-up testing protocols, we’ve been able to help thousands of people know whether or not they had COVID. 


But do you know that GatherWell’s services go far beyond COVID testing?


Our mission is to help people get back to doing what they love most. That means confirming your illness through testing and getting your prescriptions filled ASAP. Does your kid have strep throat? Get tested through GatherWell and send the results to your pediatrician for a fast turnaround time. 


Here are five GatherWell services you might not have been aware of.  


1. Allergy Testing

Allergies can keep you from doing the things you love. You miss out on lake day because your eyes are runny. You’ve been avoiding grandma’s house because you just feel miserable when you go (it’s not the potpourri, it’s the cats). Get tested for allergies at GatherWell, another service we offer to every customer.


Our non-invasive scratch test will check for 21 common cross-reactive environmental allergies–including grass, weeds, trees, molds, animals, and insects. Explore allergy testing options today.


2. Strep and Flu Testing

Think you or a child might have strep? Get results in fewer than 20 minutes with GatherWell’s services. Our on-site lab gets you the answers you need. Fast. 


How does it work? Just sign up for a strep or flu test using our convenient online form. Show up in your car, and one of our team will come out to meet you. We’ll test you right there and then contact you with your results. Easy peasy!


3. Respiratory Panel

Feeling under the weather but not sure what’s the cause? GatherWell’s services can help. Get to the bottom of your cough, congestion, and wheezing with a full respiratory panel. With just one swab, this 19-target respiratory panel detects and identifies 19 respiratory pathogens that cause illnesses, such as COVID-19, Common Cold, Whooping Cough, RSV, Flu A&B, and Pneumonia. Armed with these results, you and your doctor can work out a treatment plan that gets you back to feeling your best.


4. Weight Loss

Did you know that GatherWell has services for weight loss? Using our unique combination of lifestyle changes and medication, our weight loss patients typically lose 15-23% of their body weight over the course of just a few months. Our treatment plans combine Semaglutide and Levocarnitine to produce incredible results. Together Semaglutide and Levocarnitine cause you to feel fuller faster and fuller longer while also stimulating insulin secretion from your pancreas. It’s one of the best working weight loss medications out there and has been on the market since 2017.


Reach out to our team to learn more about weight loss from GatherWell.


5. IV Vitamin Therapy

The final GatherWell service we want to share with you is IV vitamin therapy. In just 30 minutes, you can supercharge your body and boost your energy levels. And it’s all-natural. IV therapy delivers vitamins directly to the bloodstream, which is the most efficient way to give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs. Reduce aches and pains, boost the immune system, and address chronic fatigue. Schedule an IV vitamin session at one of our many Gatherell locations.


3 Convenient Locations. A Growing Number of GatherWell Services!

GatherWell has locations all across the Twin Cities metroplex. You can find us in Ham Lake, Edina, and Elk River. Schedule a test today and experience the convenience of drive-through, same-day testing. 


Check back with our website for more updates. Our business is growing quickly, and we plan to add more services and treatment options. In the next year, we aim to partner with telemedicine doctors who can interpret your test results and recommend the right treatment for you. That could include rest, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments with a primary care provider. 

Our goal is to become your one-stop shop for quick relief from common illnesses. Don’t let strep or the flu derail your schedule. Get back on your feet as soon as possible. The next time you come down with a mystery respiratory illness, think GatherWell. We’re your local Minnesota testing center, and booking an appointment is as easy as pie. We look forward to serving you.