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Our Process

GatherWell does testing a little differently than your average doctor’s office. Most doctors will refer patients out to third-party lab testing centers, but we allow you to skip the middleman and choose lab tests directly at your own convenience. Here’s how it works:

Getting Treatment is easy

You know your body. If you know what’s causing you to feel under the weather. Why wait for a doctor to confirm the obvious? 

You deserve treatment ASAP. And that’s why thousands of Minnesotans trust us for quick lab tests and quick prescriptions. Here’s how our process works.

  1. Order your test online
    Use our handy scheduler to select your test type and location. We offer a wide variety of tests and plan to release more options in the future.

  1. Get tested
    Show up at one of our convenient locations at your appointment time. Simply wait in your car in our drive-thru lines, and one of our health professionals will come to you. You will be in and out in minutes!

  1. Receive results
    We pride ourselves on our speedy turnaround times. Most of our tests, including COVID-19, are same day results.  Other tests may take 24-48 hours. No matter how long the results take, we will email them to a secure email address of your choice.

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Option 2: Get a Quick and Accurate Diagnosis

Not everyone knows why they’re feeling sick. So don’t waste money guessing which test to order. Instead, use our telehealth diagnostic services. We will put you in touch with a licensed doctor who can help you decide which test is right for you based on your symptoms. All on a convenient video call.

Take advantage of telehealth consultations to diagnose common illnesses. There’s no point in scheduling a doctor’s appointment two weeks away. Why? Because you’ll probably recover naturally before then. You’ll just spend four or five days feeling miserable without the fast-acting medication you can get from GatherWell.

Find out why you feel sick. Get tested. Receive the treatment you need.

1. Discuss your symptoms with a doctor

Jump on a telehealth call to discuss your symptoms. One of our doctors will be able to rule out certain diseases and recommend one or multiple tests. 

2. Order your tests online

Your online consultation will help you decide on which lab tests to order. Simply use the online scheduler to choose your test, pick a time, and pay for your upcoming visit.

3. Receive results during a follow-up consultation

You’ll jump on a follow-up call with a GatherWell doctor to discuss your results. If you test positive for a specific illness, we will suggest next steps. If test results come back negative, then we will recommend additional testing or non-prescriptive actions you can take to reduce symptoms.

5. Get treatment

In most cases, your testing regimen will uncover the cause of your illness, and you will get a prescription to help you feel better.

Why Choose GatherWell’s Testing Services?


We work hard to make sure you’re in and out without delay. Just sign up for a testing appointment online or by phone. Then come by one of our three drive-through locations so that we can collect a sample.


Our staff, from our drive-through swap collectors to telehealth doctors, has decades of healthcare experience. We keep our materials organized so that you receive test results ASAP. You can expect your results to be thorough and accurate.


Our unique service model allows us to keep costs low so that every individual and family has access to medical testing. View pricing on our scheduling page. Some testing is also covered by insurance, so check with your insurance provider.

Our Other Testing Options

We offer special testing options to businesses and groups needing mobile testing services.

Business Testing

Many employers are seeking out new benefits to offer their employees. These benefits include specialized lab testing where employees can have access to all of GatherWell’s diagnostic services. Get your people back to work faster and prevent the entire office from coming down with the flu. That’s the power of GatherWell lab testing.

Contact us to learn more.

Mobile Testing Services

GatherWell provides mobile onsite testing to meet your specific needs for groups of all sizes. We can test up to 100 people per hour onsite at the location of your choice. Contact us today to discuss testing options!

Perfect for conferences, sporting events, and concerts. Group testing for 8 or more is available at your location.



GatherWell Lab Testing Helps You Show Up for the Things that Matter Most

We exist to help everyday people like you get back to living vibrant, healthy lives. No more missed work waiting to days for an appointment at your primary care clinic. Let’s get you the answers you need so that you can get back to life’s special moments.

Our Philosophy to Healthcare

1.      The best things in life are the people you share it with; accessing healthcare shouldn’t get in the way.

2.      You deserve to be a part of the solution because you know your body best.

3.      You should know what you’re getting and how much something costs before you buy.

4.      We come alongside the overwhelmed healthcare system and will remain here for you. 


Our Specialty Areas


COVID - 19

Results in minutes. The COVID-19 antigen test is designed to detect proteins (antigens) from the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) in your specimen. Specimens are collected via shallow nasal swab.


Results in minutes. The Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test is designed to simultaneously test your specimen both the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and Influenza A&B simultaneously. Specimens are collected using a shallow nasal swab.

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Allergy testing for 21 common cross-reactive environmental allergens including grass, weeds, trees, molds, animals and insects. The test is done with a non-invasive scratch test applied to your forearm. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you will leave with your results.

And More..

We offer a wide variety of tests and labs so we can get to the bottom of your symptoms

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Have Questions About Our Process? Ask!

Our team is available to answer any and all questions you have about lab testing. Need directions to our Ham Lake, Elk River, or Edina locations? We can help. We can also provide instructions on how to view your test results and send them to your primary care provider if necessary. 

Please read through our FAQ page to find answers to common questions.

GatherWell is taking a new approach to lab testing and we want you to feel confident throughout the entire process. Let us know how we can help!

Here's how to get started:

Select Your Service

Book an appointment by clicking the button at the top of the page, from here you can select your preferred test.


Choose Your Test

 GatherWell provides many convenient tests throughout the state of Minnesota. Choose your test and confirm your appointment today!

Get Started

Some of our laboratories include special requirements for you to follow before your test, we will be emailing you the exact steps you need to take to ensure your lab’s success