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GatherWell is your go-to service for lab testing. We offer a wide variety of tests that you can order without a doctor’s referral. That way, you can get an official diagnosis plus a prescription is a fraction of the time it would take you to go through a traditional clinic or hospital.

We provide quick and accurate testing so that you can show up for the things that matter most.

Our Most Popular Tests


drive thru covid 19 testing in ham lake mn

GatherWell began as a same-day testing facility for COVID-19 infections. Years into the worldwide pandemic, people still need access to testing. From international travel to keeping loved ones safe over holidays, we’re here to support you and the things that matter most.

Get accurate results with our antigen, PCR, and antibody tests.


seasonal sinus infections treatment in ham lake mn

You know your body well. Many of us come down with seasonal sinus infections and recurring illnesses, and all we need is a quick prescription to start feeling better. Your traditional doctor might order a full blood panel or demand you come into the office for an exam. But who wants to do that when their sinuses feel like bricks? 

Instead, get a lab test from GatherWell so that you can receive a prescription – FAST.

Allergy Testing

Sick woman

Have you recently moved to Minnesota  only to find you’re tired, miserable, and sniffling 24/7? You might be in contact with a new allergen. That means it’s time to get tested for allergies. Our non-invasive scratch test will check for 21 common cross-reactive environmental allergies, including grass, weeds, trees, molds, animals, and insects. 

Receive Lab Test Results ASAP

– When to Expect COVID-19 Test Results 

Most COVID-19 tests are available in 15 minutes. Turnaround time depends on the type of COVID-19 test you receive, however, all tests have same day results. All tests will be delivered securely to the email address you provide.

– When to Expect Common Infection Test Results

Strep, flu, RSV, and our respiratory panel all have same day results. For certain tests, like flu and strep, for most patients, we are able to send a prescription if you test positive.

– When to Expect Allergy Test Results

It takes about 30 minutes to get results from our allergy scratch tests. Your body will react to the various allergens in the test, showing up as small red marks on your arm or back. Not only will you know what you’re allergic to, but you’ll also know the severity of your allergies.

– When to Expect Wellness Test Results

Our wellness tests will record key biomarkers over the course of two weeks. You will wear one of our fitness wristbands throughout the duration of the test. Once the measurement period is over, a doctor will contact you with the full results and interpretation.

All Available Tests

Sick woman

Flu Testing in Minnesota

Flu Testing Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test Results in minutes. The Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test is designed to simultaneously test your specimen both the

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What Happens If Lab Tests Come Back Negative?

GatherWell can only prescribe medication or recommend specific treatments if your lab test comes back positive. You may choose to take multiple tests during your initial visit or you may schedule a second test after receiving your first results. We do not refund test fees for negative results. 

Our direct lab testing services are perfect for individuals who are confident that they know the cause of their illness and simply need a rapid test to help them receive the medications they need. 

Our Commitment to Safety and Accuracy

Our team is fully committed to the safety and accuracy of our tests. All tests have been approved by national approval boards, and our health team is certified under all applicable laws. Testing comes with very low risk of adverse reactions, so you can visit GatherWell with confidence. 

Furthermore, all doctors are fully-licensed practitioners. This is important since they will be prescribing medication and suggesting medical treatment plans based on the results of your test. If you have any questions about the safety and accuracy of our tests and treatment plans, please call our office for more information.