Where can I get a Prescription for a sore throat?

Woman with sore throat needing prescription

Where Can I Get a Prescription for a Sore Throat?

Your throat feels like it’s on fire, raw and scratchy. You haven’t slept well in days, and you dread every little cough. Tea isn’t working. Cough drops aren’t pulling their weight.


You need a prescription for a sore throat, and you need one now.


But where can you find a sore throat prescription in Minneapolis? You tried calling your doctor’s office, but it’s the weekend, and their schedule is booked out for next week. You look up your local urgent care, but who knows if they’ll even give you a sore throat prescription (and at what price)?


If only there were an easy way to get a prescription for a sore throat!


It’s time to use GatherWell. We offer testing services that can confirm your sickness. You know you have a throat infection, but your opinion isn’t going to get a prescription. With GatherWell, you can get tested, and then we can send your test results to a doctor who can prescribe medication within hours. 


Why use GatherWell?


  • Our strep tests provide results within 20 minutes
  • Our drive-through testing is easy, safe, and comfortable
  • We have many locations throughout Minneapolis


You deserve immediate relief. Don’t drag yourself to the doctors office and wait in cold waiting rooms. Visit GatherWell, get tested, order your prescription, and start feeling better. In the end, our goal is to get you back to doing what matters most.


Sore Throat: Symptom Not Disease

Most people talk about having a sore throat like they talk about having the flu. However, this isn’t accurate. A sore throat is a symptom that can apply to many diseases. Yes, you could have a sore throat from a flu virus. But you could also have strep throat or allergies.


Common causes of sore throats include:


  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Bacterial Infections (i.e. strep)
  • Mono
  • Tonsillitis 
  • GERD
  • Muscle strain
  • Allergies


When the pain of a sore throat appears, it’s necessary to purchase over-the-counter cold medicine or get a prescription. For more powerful medications, doctors will need to examine you and run tests in order to confirm what you’ve come down with. The wrong medication could cause even more problems if it’s applied to the wrong disease.


Why Do I Need a Sore Throat Prescription? 

While you can buy basic pain relievers and decongestants at your local pharmacy, you’ll need a prescription for anything stronger. This is because most prescriptions can have serious side effects when taken for the wrong condition or taken beyond the proper dosage.


Most sore throat prescriptions involve:

  • Antibiotics

Some sore throats are caused by bacterial infections. When this is the case, a doctor will need to prescribe an antibiotic. One should always take antibiotics according to the dosage and frequency set by a doctor. Antibiotics can kill the gut microbiome, leading to uncomfortable digestive issues. Antibiotics, when taken improperly, can also lead to drug-resistant bacteria and life-threatening illnesses.

  • Corticosteroids

In severe cases, a doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid to reduce pain and inflammation in the throat. However, side effects can be unpleasant. They can include weight gain, restlessness, and indigestion. In most cases of sore throat, a doctor will not prescribe a corticosteroid, but it’s still possible.


If your sore throat is severe enough that you’re thinking about going to the doctor for care, then you’ll likely need a prescription for any recommended medication.


Get a Sore Throat Prescription Fast

Doctors are busy. Sometimes it can take weeks to schedule an appointment. And urgent care is expensive. Few people can easily afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a simple prescription. And let’s not forget how terrible you feel. You have a sore throat! You don’t want to get into the car and drive across town to rasp out a conversation with a doctor.


Instead, try GatherWell!


GatherWell offers drive-through strep throat testing in Minneapolis. Within a matter of hours, we can determine whether or not you have strep throat. 


And then we send your results to our doctor partners who can prescribe you medication ASAP. 


Throat infections are serious conditions. Sometimes, a few Tylenol pills won’t bring you the relief you need. Get started on antibiotics now and start feeling better in a day or two. We invite you to use GatherWell to get your sore throat prescription fast!


To get started, click on our “Book an Appointment” button at the top of our website. Select the strep throat test, schedule a time to visit our clinic, then simply show up for your appointment. We offer same-day tests!