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How to Get a Same-day Doctor Visit in Minneapolis

Woman is sick at work needs a same-day doctor visit

How to Get a Same-day Doctor’s Visit in Minneapolis

Most of us don’t have time to be sick. We’ve got jobs to do, families to care for, and places to visit. So, when you feel the sniffles coming on or feel a bug hit your stomach, you need to get medical care ASAP.


Unfortunately, many primary care physicians can’t see you the same day you notice symptoms. You might have to wait a week or more for a doctor’s visit. 


Is there a way around this inconvenience? 

Are there any nearby locations that provide same-day doctor’s visits?


Many people ask Gatherwell how to get a same-day doctor’s visit in Minneapolis. And we’ve got the answer. 


Gatherwell offers quick, convenient lab testing so that you can confirm your illness and be on your way to receiving treatment. 


For example, if your child has a sore throat and you think it’s strep, then you can get tested same-day at Gatherwell, get your lab results, and send the results to your physician for a prescription.* It’s one reason why we’re one of Minneapolis’ favorite same-day testing sites.


Learn more about getting a same-day doctor’s visit in Minneapolis.


Why Get a Same-Day Doctor’s Visit?

If you’re reading this blog wondering if you should get a same-day doctor’s visit in Minneapolis, then you probably should. Your health should be taken seriously, and conditions left untreated can lead to serious issues. 


Here are four reasons why Gatherwell recommends same-day doctor visits. 


1. Keep Serious Illness from Developing

If you have a cough and fever, you could be dealing with any number of respiratory illnesses. You won’t know what you have until you get tested. For example, if you have COVID, you’ll want to start treatments right away before the virus has time to settle and attack your body with its full strength.


2. Begin the Recovery Process ASAP

When you go in for a same-day doctor’s appointment, you’ll likely be able to ask for a prescription or treatment plan. Some treatments take a few days to kick in, so it’s best to start early. Nobody wants to spend a week feeling miserable and then take an antibiotic two days before symptoms lift.


3. Uncover Secondary Conditions

Sometimes, an acute infection can reveal underlying conditions. When you go in for a same-day doctor’s visit in Minneapolis, you’ll have the option to get blood tests, physical exams, etc. Gatherwell offers a full respiratory panel that covers common sicknesses.


4. Get Back to Doing What You Love

At the end of the day, Gatherwell is all about getting people back to living their best lives. It’s no fun being sick. We want to limit the amount of time you spend with the sniffles and coughs. A same-day doctor’s appointment will get you back on your feet.


Where Should You Go for a Same-Day Doctor Visit in Minneapolis?

The location you choose for a same-day appointment will depend on your symptoms or injury. 


1. Gatherwell

Gatherwell specializes in testing, especially when it comes to respiratory issues. We are not a full urgent care clinic, but we can speed up the prescription process for many common conditions. Come to us to confirm whether you have the following illnesses:


  • Strep
  • Flu
  • Allergies


We are currently working to add treatment options to our services. Stay tuned for more updates.


2. Urgent Care

Urgent cares are great for serious but not life-threatening illnesses. A gash that needs stitches, a sudden asthma attack, a fever over 102 – these are common reasons why people will go to urgent care. Most urgent care clinics in Minneapolis will have same-day doctor’s visits available.


3. Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are for, you guessed it, emergencies. If you’re seeing large amounts of blood, non-responsiveness, difficulty breathing, or symptoms of a cardiac event, call 911 and follow the advice of the dispatcher.


Same-Day Doctor’s Visits Gatherwell

Out of all these same-day doctor’s visit options, Gatherwell is the most convenient. To sign up for a test, all you need to do is click here for our online scheduler. Once you’re on the page, you can select your test, select a time, and make a payment.


Remember, you can choose from a number of convenient tests targeting conditions like:


  • Strep
  • Flu
  • Allergies


Then, all you need to do is show up for your appointment, get tested, and wait an hour for your results (we will email them to you so that you can head home as soon as we’ve collected the sample). You’ll be able to confirm the cause of your sickness the same day!


Please contact our team to learn more about Gatherwell and how we can support your health.


* Gatherwell cannot guarantee that third-party physicians will accept outside lab results and write a prescription. Please call your doctor ahead of time to learn more about their prescription-writing policies. Our lab tests meet all state and federal testing accuracy requirements.