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Urgent Care testing in Ham Lake

Urgent Care testing in Ham Lake

Urgent Care Testing in Ham Lake

If you’re looking for urgent care testing in Ham Lake, you might not be able to find a full urgent care clinic in your area. This city in Minneapolis does not have an urgent care of its own. You’ll need to drive to another city or suburb to find the testing you need.


GatherWell meets Ham Lake’s testing needs by offering same-day, quick-turnaround medical testing for a wide range of conditions. 


Don’t spend an hour driving to Andover or Blaine to get urgent care testing. Simply use GatherWell’s drive-through testing services to know what’s making you sick. With our efficient, in-house labs, you’ll be one step closer to getting the prescriptions you need to start feeling better.


Learn more about our Ham Lake urgent care testing services by clicking this link. Once you’ve signed up for a test, you can visit us at 17565 Central Ave, Suite 220, Ham Lake MN, 55304.


Where is the Nearest Urgent Care in Ham Lake?

If you’re experiencing an acute injury or illness, you should dial 911 and seek care from a medical professional. 


But when it comes to urgent care locations in Ham Lake, you’ll likely need to drive to a neighboring area. Andover, to the west, is home to a few urgent care clinics. To the south, you’ll be able to find services in Blaine. 


If you head north or east, you won’t have much luck finding urgent care. 


Where is Ham Lake?

Not everyone is familiar with the Ham Lake area. Where does it begin and end? Ham Lake is an area north of Minneapolis with a total area of 35.71 square miles. The Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area sits on the east side, while Bunker Hills Regional Park sits on the southwest side. Highway 65 runs through the entire city from north to south.


Despite being home to Minnesota’s largest school district, Ham Lake is severely lacking in urgent care clinics. 


What is Urgent Care Testing?

Urgent care clinics cater to walk-in patients. These patients often have acute injuries or illnesses that require immediate attention, but they might not be so severe to require a full emergency room. For example, you may visit an urgent care for stitches, asthma treatments, and flu medication. 


Urgent care testing refers to the medical testing required to prescribe medication at an urgent care. Before prescribing an antibiotic, for example, a doctor must be confident that you have a bacterial infection. Otherwise, an antibiotic can cause more harm than good when administered to someone with a different health issue. 


In some cases, you can share your GatherWell test results with your Primary Care Physician, who can then prescribe you the necessary medication. 


What Tests Can GatherWell Provide?

GatherWell offers a wide range of tests to help you know what’s making you sick. In many cases, “flu-like” symptoms can apply to many different diseases. You’ll need to get tested before you can get treated. Here is a list of the tests we offer:


  • Flu. The Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test is designed to simultaneously test your specimen for both the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and Influenza A&B.


  • COVID. GatherWell offers a wide variety of COVID tests for any situation. We can make sure you’re cleared to travel internationally. We can even do an antibody test to see if your body has fought off the disease before.


  • Strep. Is your sore throat being caused by strep? Let’s find out. Come to our Ham Lake urgent care testing center and confirm your condition.

  • Respiratory Panel. Our respiratory panel checks for a wide range of conditions including flu, COVID, and 15 other pathogens.

  • Allergy Testing. Don’t wait a month to get in with an allergy specialist. Find out what you’re allergic to ASAP with GatherWell’s allergy testing options.


GatherWell is Your Destination for Urgent Care Testing in Ham Lake

At the moment, Ham Lake does not have a full urgent care clinic in city limits. However, GatherWell is filling the gap with its easy, convenient testing services. 


If you’re looking for urgent care services in Ham Lake, you or a loved one probably feel a bit under the weather. 


Not to worry. We collect samples from your car. You won’t have to brave the cold or sit in an uncomfortable waiting room. Everything we do is aimed at getting you your test results with as little hassle as possible.


To begin, click the blue button at the top of this page. There, you’ll be able to select your test, location, and payment. Then all you need to do is show up for your appointment at our Ham Lake location!