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Medication Assisted Weight Loss

Medically Supervised And Clinically Proven!

Our Program

You can lose weight, with our individualized medication assisted program that combines simple lifestyle changes, nutrition planning, and support to help you reach long term success.

You do a once-a-week injection into the stomach, back of the arm, or the thigh. Our program starts at $300/month with the max dose costing $418/month.

People typically lose 15-23% of their body weight but everyone experiences different results as we are all unique individuals with different lifestyles and body chemistry. We always stay at the lowest dose possible for efficacy.

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Option 2: Get a Quick and Accurate Diagnosis

Not everyone knows why they’re feeling sick. So don’t waste money guessing which test to order. Instead, use our telehealth diagnostic services. We will put you in touch with a licensed doctor who can help you decide which test is right for you based on your symptoms. All on a convenient video call.

Take advantage of telehealth consultations to diagnose common illnesses. There’s no point in scheduling a doctor’s appointment two weeks away. Why? Because you’ll probably recover naturally before then. You’ll just spend four or five days feeling miserable without the fast-acting medication you can get from GatherWell.

Find out why you feel sick. Get tested. Receive the treatment you need.

1. Discuss your symptoms with a doctor

Jump on a telehealth call to discuss your symptoms. One of our doctors will be able to rule out certain diseases and recommend one or multiple tests. 

2. Order your tests online

Your online consultation will help you decide on which lab tests to order. Simply use the online scheduler to choose your test, pick a time, and pay for your upcoming visit.

3. Receive results during a follow-up consultation

You’ll jump on a follow-up call with a GatherWell doctor to discuss your results. If you test positive for a specific illness, we will suggest next steps. If test results come back negative, then we will recommend additional testing or non-prescriptive actions you can take to reduce symptoms.

5. Get treatment

In most cases, your testing regimen will uncover the cause of your illness, and you will get a prescription to help you feel better.

Why Choose GatherWell’s Testing Services?


We work hard to make sure you’re in and out without delay. Just sign up for a testing appointment online or by phone. Then come by one of our three drive-through locations so that we can collect a sample.


Our staff, from our drive-through swap collectors to telehealth doctors, has decades of healthcare experience. We keep our materials organized so that you receive test results ASAP. You can expect your results to be thorough and accurate.


Our unique service model allows us to keep costs low so that every individual and family has access to medical testing. View pricing on our scheduling page. Some testing is also covered by insurance, so check with your insurance provider.

Our Other Testing Options

We offer special testing options to businesses and groups needing mobile testing services.

Business Testing

Many employers are seeking out new benefits to offer their employees. These benefits include specialized lab testing where employees can have access to all of GatherWell’s diagnostic services. Get your people back to work faster and prevent the entire office from coming down with the flu. That’s the power of GatherWell lab testing.

Contact us to learn more.

Mobile Testing Services

GatherWell provides mobile onsite testing to meet your specific needs for groups of all sizes. We can test up to 100 people per hour onsite at the location of your choice. Contact us today to discuss testing options!

Perfect for conferences, sporting events, and concerts. Group testing for 8 or more is available at your location.



A weight loss program that actually works!

With our program you can expect to lose weight without significant lifestyle changes. However, we still encourage sensible, healthy changes as they are important for long-term success and sustaining your weight loss. The good news is many people find the lifestyle changes easier to make once they are already experiencing success.

The key to reaching your goal on this medication is finding the most effective dose with little to no side effects. Starting on a high dose or moving up to quickly will likely cause negative side effects.

In other words, we want you losing weight, feeling great and only paying for what you need to get the results your desire.

Here's How To Get Started

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for your free information phone call with our care team. You will learn everything you need to know before you decide anything. 

Step 2: Meet your provider

Once you decide to move forward. You will meet with one of our providers to discuss your personal medical history and to ask all the questions you have. 

Step 3:

Upon approval from the provider, you will have meet with us at any of our convenient locations in Edina, Ham Lake, or Elk River. During this visit, we will guide you through our program’s instructions and the injection process, as well as conduct a comprehensive 3D body scan.


How does it work?

It delays stomach emptying which leads to feeling full quicker and for longer periods. It also lowers blood sugars, thus reducing the production of sugar in the liver and it stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas.

Is it safe?

All medications have risks and benefits. Research has show it has a high safety profile.  In partnership with your care team, we will consider and evaluate your current medications, past and present health problems, family history, and risk factors and monitor you throughout your weight loss journey. We are available to discuss any changes, adverse reactions, or side effects. As long as you are monitored throughout your journey, the medication is very safe when taken correctly.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $300-$418/month depending on your dose. Most people start at $300. We require automatic monthly payments, and we ask that you to commit to monthly prescription cycles that automatically renew at the end of each cycle. You will be seen on a bi-monthly basis to assess progress at no cost. Additional costs include labs twice a year. You may get your labs done with us or with a provider of choice. All services provided by GatherWell are solely your financial responsibility. We do not accept insurance or accept assignment of payment for insurance claims. GatherWell does not participate in Medicare or Medicaid. You may be able to pay with your HAS/FSA with medical necessity eligibility criteria met.

What are the side effects?

Side effects can vary for each person. Some individuals may not experience any at all! Most common side effects include nausea and constipation. Less likely side effects include numbness/tingling sensation (which can be improved by taking a B complex vitamin), mild fatigue, dizziness, bloating, burping, indigestion, & diarrhea. Serious side effects include significant abdominal pain, gallbladder problems, increased heart rate, low blood sugar, pancreatitis, thyroid cancer, or an allergic reaction. Drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages will increase your risk of pancreatitis. It is recommended to limit your alcohol intake.

What should I expect?

You have probably done your research and are ready to see the results everyone is talking about. On average people lose 15% of their body weight in the first few quarters. Keep in mind, results vary for each person, and it can take time to reach your goal weight.

You should expect that side effects may be worsened if you do not listen to your body; that being said, if you feel full—stop eating! Even if you have food on your plate, you will learn over time to take smaller portions. Take time to exercise if you are able, and meal prep with extra vegetables and protein, as this is and will be a lifestyle change.

 What if I’m on a blood thinner?

If you are currently taking a blood thinner such as Lovenox, Xarelto, or Coumadin you need to check with your primary care provider who prescribed your medication before starting this program.

Have Questions About Our Process? Ask!

Our team is available to answer any and all questions you have about our services. Need directions to our Ham Lake, Elk River, or Edina locations? We can help.