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Where to Inject Semaglutide?

Semaglutide and levocarnitine injection

Here’s Where to Inject Semaglutide

Semaglutide plus Levocarnitine is a medical weight loss solution that’s quickly gaining attention as one of the best ways to shed pounds and keep off weight. These medications mimic a natural hormone that lowers blood sugar levels and suppresses appetite.  Most patients who undergo Semaglutide and Levocarnitine therapy experience fewer cravings, hunger pangs, and discomforts. In short, they make it easier to lose weight.

GatherWell is a Minneapolis weight loss center that provides practical and convenient medical weight loss solutions to patients all over the Twin Cities area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our weight loss doctors to determine if you are a candidate for Semaglutide and Levocarnitine treatments. The medications are administered weekly via injection. You can do the injections at home. 

It usually takes six months to a year to achieve your weight loss goals. Most patients are amazed by the results.

If a doctor has prescribed Semaglutide and Levocarnitine injections for weight loss, it’s essential to know how to administer them properly. In this article, we’re going to discuss where and how to inject Semaglutide and Levocarnitine for optimal efficacy and safety.


Subcutaneous Injection

Semaglutide and Levocarnitine are typically given as subcutaneous injections. This means it is injected into the fatty layer just below the skin, not into the muscle or directly into the bloodstream. 

This method allows for a steady and consistent absorption rate. This method often causes less discomfort than intramuscular injections and reduces the risk of hitting blood vessels or nerves. Because the process is so simple, most patients quickly learn how to administer their subcutaneous injections. The technique can be used in various body locations according to preference. 

Subcutaneous injections offer an effective, safe, and convenient method for drug administration.


Recommended Injection Sites

Because Semaglutide and Levocarnitine are administered using subcutaneous injections, there’s no need to locate a specific injection site (such as a vein). However, there are three areas that we recommend as injection sites. Most patients choose areas that can be covered by clothing to avoid any visible needle marks or slight bruising.

  • Abdomen (Stomach area)

The upper and outer quadrants of the abdomen are places where you can inject Semaglutide and Levocarnitine. Ensure you stay at least two inches away from the navel. The abdomen tends to have a good layer of fatty tissue, which makes it ideal for these types of injections.

  • Thigh

The upper outer quadrant of the thigh is another suitable location. When selecting a spot on your thigh, consider the middle third area – not too high near the hip and not too low near the knee.

  • Upper arm

The backside of the upper arm can also be used as a place to inject Semaglutide and Levocarnitine. However, because this area is harder to reach, it might not be ideal for self-injection. If someone else is helping you with the injection, the upper arm can be considered.


Injection Tips

For the most comfortable injections, follow these tips:

  • Rotate your sites

When wondering where to inject Semaglutide and Levocarnitine, you don’t have to stick with one spot forever. It’s better if you avoid using the same injection spot repeatedly. Rotating the injection sites reduces the risk of lipodystrophy, a condition where fatty lumps develop under the skin or the skin becomes indented because of the breakdown of fat.

  • Clean the area

Before injecting, clean the chosen injection site with an alcohol swab and let it dry to prevent infection.

  • Pinch and inject

Lightly pinch up the skin and then insert the needle at a 45 to 90-degree angle. Releasing the pinched skin before injecting the medication can help reduce any discomfort.

  • Inspect your injection sites

Regularly check your injection sites for any signs of redness, swelling, or tenderness. If you notice anything unusual, consult your healthcare provider.

  • Use each pen only once

Semaglutide and other medical weight-loss pens are designed for single use. Always use a new needle for each injection and dispose of the old one safely in a sharps container.


Proper injection technique and site selection can help ensure that Semaglutide and Levocarnitine work effectively and safely. 

If you have concerns or feel unsure about where to inject, don’t hesitate to consult with your medical weight loss advisor at GatherWell. We are happy to provide guidance, answer questions, and even demonstrate the correct injection technique for you. We’re here to walk you through every step of the process. 

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